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Utah Friendship Force


Mission: To promote global understanding across the barriers that separate people Friendship Force International is a non-profit organization dedicated to the principle that each person can make a contribution to global goodwill. Home hosting, the heart of a Friendship Force exchange, provides the opportunity for ambassadors of different countries and cultures to connect at a personal level. More than half a million participants have experienced the personal enrichment and cross-cultural understanding that results from a Friendship Force exchange, since it was organized in 1977. The ever-widening global network represents a powerful and growing force that can overcome differences between people and nations.

The Friendship Force Club is truly a unique concept. For over thirty years, people who were complete strangers to one another and to their respective cultures have come together in short, close encounters in the hosts home, becoming life long friends in the process. Club members travel all over the world and usually have a fun time doing it. But travel is not the purpose of Friendship Force. It is but the means to the end of developing friendships and learning to love others who before seemed so distant and different. Each new relationship that develops into true friendship reduces the chance of misunderstanding and animosity between countries of the world. Our slogan "Changing the Way You See the World"

Club Meetings

Meetings are generally held on the 3rd Tuesday of the odd numbered months at the Salt Lake County Complex, 2001 South State Street, Salt Lake City, UT. Please use the east entrance at the north end of the south building.

Please see newsletter to verify the current month information.

Socials are often held on the even numbered months.


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