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Utah Friendship Force


What is the Friendship Force? Friendship Force is an international non-profit organization set up to provide the opportunity for citizens to build friendships across the boundaries of geography, culture, and language that can keep us apart. The international website is the best place to go to learn more.


Who decides what club visits what country and when?

Friendship Force International coordinates the visits which are called journeys. Once a year the office in Atlanta receives requests from all the clubs and the staff does their best to match them up. The date for the exchange is suggested by FFI based on what month or season the host club is able to accept visitors, but the local journey coordinators from the host and the "ambassador" club negotiate a date that is mutually acceptable.


How long is a journey and how many ambassadors are involved?

For most of the history of FFI, a journey is one week long. Domestic journeys in the U.S. are typically 3-4 days. A full journey is considered to be 20 persons.


Do I have to be a member of FFI to participate in a journey?

In Utah, we ask that you become a member of our club if you wish to either host or travel on a journey. Annual fees are quite reasonable at $30.00 per person.


What if I am unable to travel on journeys and my housing will not allow me to host, can I still be a member?

We welcome all that may have an interest in our club to join. We have cultural experiences at our club meetings. We are always interested in helpers for our committees, such as calling, socials, programs, journey planning, day hosting, dinner parties, etc.


Where and how often are your club meetings?

We meet bi-monthly beginning in January, on the 3rd Tuesday night.

Our meetings are held at the

Salt Lake County Complex
2001 South State Street
SLC, Utah

(Please see newsletter for details)

Time - 5:45-8:45 p.m.


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